Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kupu-Kupu - SOLD

KUPU-KUPU means either moth or butterfly. some say its moth, some say its butterfly.
Anyway, dis is definitely one of my quirky works. i have been working on this brooch for ages. when i started on this project, the idea just floats in my mind but i somehow could not capture and grasp it tightly. My daughter has been picking it up over the weeks and keep on asking me, "when are you going to finish this? its so nice and its not yet finished!" [its so easy to please a 9 yo :) and obviously she is just as quirky minded as me! ]

i saw the stones during one of my outings and i have always liked labradorite. The color fascinates me just like the moonstone. At one glance its just another stone, but when you looked at a different angle, only then you can see the charm.

constructed using non-tarnish silver Artistic Wire, this simple brooch comprises of 5 beautiful labradorite stones. Sounds simple enough but i assure you the makings of this wirework brooch is not.

price: MYR 105

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