Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi everyone!

It has been awhile since I wrote about anything.  Not that I am out of words or ideas and it's a cliche to say I am BUSY...I mean who in this world isn't? :)  right?

It's amazing, how I travel thru this journey learning, teaching and doing something I love and meeting amazing, incredible persons along the way. The things I learned as I teach is a very humbling experience, like my english language, my bahasa Malaysia, my "in-correct"  methods and especially when my credibility is questioned. I am not perfect nor do I strive to be BUT I believe in improving myself.

I do feel a bit snag but I am not one who will let that thought play around in the head. I believe in moving forward and so I will. I don't like to explain myself either but there is no harm in sharing some stories that taught me plenty along the way :)

Why it doesn't matter to me if I dont follow everything by the book when in fact I get my knowledge from the book?

Grab yourself that cuppa and popcorn............ :)

When my husband and I tied D' KNOT, we were only 22 when everybody else was building a career in their professional life. The no.1 question was, "Are you sure?"
The no.2 question, "Are you sure?" and you can guess the following questions. They are all the same, "Are you sure?"  truth be told, we didn't answer the question BECAUSE it's not relevant. HOW does one know for sure? To us then it was sink or swim. We swam...and still swimming nearly 17 years thru jelly fish, sharks, whales, turtles ...dolphins :)

When we had our first bundle of "OMG! :) ", we were 23. Does the child born come with a manual? NOOOOOOOOOOO.  then when we had our second bundle of "OMG, OMG", we were 25. This time, the child not only didn't come with a manual BUT he came without warranty too...if you know what I mean. Its something you cannot return BUT I learned how to make the best of a situation. I read. I read a lot on how to raise a child when at that time I didn't know about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), asperges, borderline autism, ADD (attention deficit disorder), LD(learning difficulty),  concrete child.

I know he is like this and this and this and when the book says do this and do that....It didn't work. That is when I LEARNED that things just cannot be the same for everyone. The book teaches you something, doesn't mean that you have to follow it 100% correctly.

I learned how to come up with my own way of dealing with the situation. Some may disagree BUT to me its up to the individual. The method is secondary, primary objective is the result achieved (provided it's not against the law). Our son didn't go for any therapy after diagnosis because the psychiatrist said, "I dont know how you did it BUT whatever you are doing is working very well with him".

Then finally the third bundle of " THANK GOD!". When we got to know of her existence, the doctor treating me for an earlier illness told us that the child may be born with some defects if not severe. We were advice to....*sigh ....................Abort. We cant do it and ready to accept his blessings. It was 9 months of fear, tears, prayers, wishes, treatment. Finally  ( I cant believe it. Even after ten years I still get teary eyed telling  you her story ) she came along and so thankful that our faith in acceptance gave us a complete and VERY cheeky child :)

Again, if I had followed everything as how they studied the side effects of some medication, our third bundle would have been aborted.

What is a piece of paper? That says, M you have graduated with a degree in business administration. What does that mean to me? NOTHING.

What is my core now? Crafting. What does that mean to me? So much PASSION. My outlet for every inspiration, idea bottled up in me.

Do I have a piece of paper that says M, you have graduated with a degree in craft from craft university? NO. I dont have it. Nor do I have any type of certificate of participation for any craftwork. the only certificate of participation I have is Advance and Defensive Driving :)

So where do I get my knowledge? Within comes naturally. OF course the hundreds of books and periodicals play a very important role BUT I dont let myself be too rigid and conform to every rule of thumb. It must come from the heart and soul and let it out.

Art and creativity is unlimited. pleaaase tell me, what is correct or in-incorrect when it comes to art and creativity? When two people see a piece of work, one will say its art and the other may think it's a load of crap.

When I teach, I dont want my students to feel like it's a long list of rules that will just complicate matters. It's the M way. Just be yourself, do it as you feel it. It's all about enjoying crafting. It's a therapy for the soul.

So when my credibility to teach is questioned, with so much humility I say, I am not certified by a piece of paper. I teach what I know and as how I know it and the M way is more towards not following everything by the book BUT God willing, you will learn something and create something and it will be YOURS, crafted your way.

I hope, I have not scared any potential students :))))))  for this is me. I believe in myself, I believe in my work. Its  M, unlimited.




  1. this is a a beautiful post m, raw and perfect. we get to see who you truly are and that itself is humbling.
    we are learning the ways of the heart, this is how the world will run from now on (or still learning to), knowledge and the books are great, i guess we need to marry them together to get a good balance in order to maintain sanity and divinity.

  2. Believe in yourself, you are great! We are a piece of plain paper at the beginning, but we learn and grow as we move on in our life....that make each and everyone of us unique, right?

  3. alison, soo mei...... *HUGSSSSSSSS :)