Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is my DIY KIT debut. Developing this kit has been a very exciting experience! The design discussion, the packaging, the colors, the "making of" the MI AMORE tutorial.....OMG that alone made me feel like an octopus! Its like suddenly I grew  few extra pair of know hand holding the project, one hand holding the camera, one hand handling the lighting, one hand holding pliers.... :))

I am a practical person. I know that when it comes to doing wire craft, there will be moments of "oops"  , "oh dear"..."alamak!". It's ok, "To err is human". I can assure you, much thought has been put into this project to make it as interesting, simplified and practical.

so, lets see what we can find in this DIY KIT,

1. one spool of 18 gauge silver plated copper Designercraft Wire,

2. one  spool of 24 gauge silver plated copper Designercraft Wire,

3.  50pcs of jablonex czech fire polish 4 mm faceted round glass beads in either honeybutter or wheatberry,

3. two feet of 20 gauge silver plated copper Designercraft wire,

4. about 70 pictures of step by step pictorial divided into, 4 sections,
a. how to make the "mi amore" earring hoop
b. how to make the jump rings
c. how to make the earring hooks
d.  earrings assembly

4. All these materials packed in zip-locked bags and all packed in a handy plastic envelope so that you can actually do it "on the go".

In truth, much is spent on the making of the pictorials. Printing cost alone is BIG.
Many sell their tutorial online in PDF format at min around USD5 x 3.5 = RM18
No printing cost. If you purchase and download such tutorials and print it out the cost of printing is on you too.

With this DIY KIT few process are eliminated such as buying wires, choosing the colors, downloading PDFs and printing them.
MOST IMPORTANT, I will provide online support for you to the best that I can. You can email me anytime and I will reply as soon as possible.

All you need are the basic tools for wire craft, purchase the kit and you are on your way to making your first "MI AMORE" (meaning, MY LOVE) earrings :)


this DIY kit is now available at

with every DIY kit purchased you will get the tutorial for this project, FREE!

other variations,

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