Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wearing Blue for World Autism Awareness Day!!! April 2, 2010

This is something I strongly support.
I never tire explaining to everyone about Autism but if you can just take a moment of your time and google it or understand more about it, it will help a lot. 
" in what way can it help ? why should i know about autism? "
This may be just some of the questions you ask yourself. 

This is why.

It will help society better to understand others who has it. Sometimes...and I believe many don't even know that someone they know has autism or borderline autism. 
This is a real experience that I faced before  when an obviously shallow minded  teacher said to my face, "Your son is stupid. I dont have time to teach your son." 
I was too heart broken to respond to such a respond and just walked off. That was my reaction then. NOW if someone said that to me I will take the time to educate them about AUTISM and what it is all about. 

Another good reason is for us to have more patience when we faced persons with autism or persons that seemed a tad unique than others. They need more time to understand about things better and may not respond as fast. Please give them time to respond and a chance to be a part of society. 

What you can do to support this cause is to wear BLUE color clothing or just have anything BLUE and if you have the moment, please get to know more about what AUTISM  and what it is really about.



please RSVP YES! to BLUE on APRIL 2nd 2010

taken from FACEBOOK event page

" Imagine on Friday April 2 being a part of something so powerful! Going through your day and seeing all the people in blue who care about someone affected by autism. Imagine when our wonderful children see all that blue is for them!!

Asking all Facebook Friends to wear Blue on Friday April 2!! So wherever you are in the world, as you go about your raise Autism Awareness....Mark Your Calendar!!!!

**This in not something you have to physically attend. By "Attending" you are showing your support for Autism Awareness. Just wear your BLUE on that day and that's all you do! This is actually one event that is very easy to attend!! Thank You for your support and thank you for caring about the very special kids,adults and families affected by autism :)

For more ideas on how to show your support visit "

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