Monday, April 19, 2010

Its a service to you :)

Hi everyone!

Its been some incredible week i had last week and looks like it will not slow down anytime soon till june.
I have listed several classes for those who are interested to join me in my crafting workshops and as always, i will try my best to help you learn and understand the craft and importantly, enjoy crafting it.

crafting is something you do to de-stress and NOT to add more stress. If you are tired...because learning something new can be very taxing on the mind, let me know and we will take a breather. You dont have to worry about making mistakes too. When babies start to walk, they waddle and stumble few times before they get the hang of it :) and wirework crafting is just like that. some are naturals where others may need more concentration. No worries, M is here and i will help you to the best of my ability.

I am not going to say i know everything about wire craft because i am a self taught crafter myself but give me time and i will try to find the asnwer to all your questions and  together we can learn something new. you can see i have added something new,  MAGAZINES.
magazines are an inexpensive reading material for some ideas and inspirations  compared to the more expensive craft books.

I have been buying these magazines for quite a while but never thought of selling them till recently when somebody ask me about where i get my inspirations. 
So i said, many inspirations just appear but i do read a lot mainly to try not do anything that is already in the magazine :) but of course some designs are just too beautiful to ignore...right? :)

anyway, these magazines are acquired all over KL and I have incurred quite a lot in costs such as parking, toll and fuel. i need to add a little bit to the amount that i paid for them and as part of the service to source them and ship out to you to where ever you are :) 
AND as a bonus, i have decided to give away FREE wire wrapping mobile charms such as these   ,

(every order will receive different stones and different style but similar)

to every order ship out as a token of my appreciation :)

till then,



p/s these are the final magazines for this month. if the ones that you want is no longer available, pls just let me know and the next time i went sourcing for them i will make a mental note to look out for them for you :)

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