Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where The Red Fern Grows Bracelet - sold

"where the red fern grows" is a movie i saw on starmovies. it is adapted from a children's novel written by wilson rawls. it is about a boy who buys and trains two redbone coonhound hunting dogs. the story is also about all the good values that the boy was raised with that made him a well respected person.
It made me feel how much i wish that everyone can be as a good person as the boy in the movie.
Red ferns are said to be very rare and according to an old indian legend, only an angel can plant a red pern and wherever it grows is sacred.

i was so touched by the story and it left such a great impact on me. 
i wish i can share the whole story here but if you have the chance to watch this movie, please do.
its a beautiful story :)

crafted using non tarnish silver plated copper Artistic Wire, red glass crystal beads and dyed red corals.

price: RM85
inclusive of shipping and handling

for rest of world,
paypal price: USD40
inclusive of shipping and handling

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