Sunday, May 2, 2010

In2wire CRAFT WORKSHOP - Craft 3

Hi everyone!

We had a great first craft 3 class and everyone was seriously concentrating on their projects as we can see here in the pic. Jessica and haslina has been with me all thru the way from the beginning of my workshops and here i would like to welcome Haiza into the wirecraft world.

It should be a one project workshop and the bonus tutorial as a take home  project BUT everyone was too excited about the second project to wait and do it at home! :)

so we did the techniques for the first project till everyone really understood the mechanics of it and we proceed on to the bonus project.

For the bonus project, crafters get to pick the colors they like....that is the additional bonus to the bonus.......that is why here you can see RED Fantasy (this one is gonna be a brooch), BLUE Fantasy, this is a coiling technique pendant and SILVER GRAY Fantasy with herringbone technique bail.

So here i showcase the projects that we did during class.






  1. will we hav a bonus tutorial when i join the class? hehe~