Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FOUND something interesting and loving it!

Recently i saw a really cute cute trinket box pendant at and was disappointed that there is no tutorial available for it. 
So i struggled to make one and while i was doing it...what do you know....the designer herself send me an email with a link to her blog!...with details on how to make the trinket box thru a simple to understand tutorial. such a sweetheart!

i was so touched that somebody cared enough to help a nobody me....thank you to brassybeads of
Really appreciate it and i will definitely try to do better than the first trinket box pendant :)))


  1. This looks so much like my first prototype. I just know your next one will be much improved.

    BTW I believe all of us humans are nobody's, so that kind of equals the playing field:)

    Amen to your article on Copyrights. I enjoyed reading it!

  2. Brassybeads, you are so right! my mouth was wide opened when i click on the link you sent me...and later saw the link to the 3 months before trinket box.....imagine that! i must have got the basic idea right...only thing is the technique. after i studied your tutorial postings, i now know how to do it your much simpler way...hahaha.....and thanks for the confidence on my next box :))

    i also enjoyed reading your posting about the copyright matter and its as how i see it too...only that you convey it way better than i did! :)
    amin! :))

    thanks for stopping by :)