Saturday, August 7, 2010

Oh myyyy......

Hi everyone!

its been awhile since i "said" anything :)
Not because i have nothing to say but PLENTY! especially with all the copyright ruckus and such...aaahhhh well....better bite my tongue then speak out loud....just not worth it.....ok la just a tiny bit need to say something.
Some peacock feathers were ruffled recently and its kinda amusing but then to say i am not affected its nothing serious, and it doesn't really bother me, but what is really bothering is that how easy it is to tarnish one's reputation worldwide.

I remember i was once ruffled too but then realised its not the design issue but more of a personal betrayal.
Long story short, the community of crafters help me grow up! and thank you so much to those who helped me get over it and move on. There are worst know like....needing a certain material for my work and its out of stock! now that is major problem.....hehehehe

All the same i have to say at least this. Intelectual property is important. Crafters and designers work very hard to convey their ideas and write it down into tutorials for others to learn and we should respect that. So that said, no photocopying , no mass distribution without permission, no sharing of PDF files and no conducting workshops using said tutorials and pdf files.

Recent events (not so recent but i have been too busy to write anything sooner) was overzealously handled as such resulted in many other crafters confused with the status of their designs that developed thru techniques they learned thru such tutorials.

"i learn technique A from designer B. Now that technique i use to make other things...look similar but not the"

"i have no idea that my design look so similar to designer B's work until designer B made noise....BUT i learnt this technique on my designer B...not"

"if i change the design but technique the same....still got to say inspired by designer B?"

I just want to say, anything that you learned from me, please make it your own. 
Your work is just as important as mine. If i sign my name to my work, so should you. 
You are not required to say "inspired by M"  because when M see your work M very happy and M knows that its from M. Please do not worry that i may feel offended if i wasnt credited.
But if you still choose to acknowledge me, i would be very happy and honoured and its entirely up to you.
Only thing i ask, is that you respect my tutorials that i worked so hard to develop and write and not to mass copy it and distributed as your own and conduct other workshops with it.

Finally before i sign off....i will be pretty busy next few weeks during Ramadhan and hope that i have not taken more than i can chew....but all the same Alhamdullillah am thankful for the "rezeki" God has blessed me.



P/s to those who emailed to me, i sincerely appreciate the thoughtfullness n sincerity on your part as well, thank you :))

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