Sunday, September 26, 2010

Metalsmithing 101 Workshop

Today i attended my first metalsmithing class! was FABULOUS!
conducted by wireart and metalsmithing instructor EMI KAZ together with the generous help and collaboration from steve wong of, we had a super duper exciting moment.

We began with theory, questions and answers and finally the much awaited PRACTICAL project.

We were given options to either follow Emi's suggested design to start with or we could design something that we like but everybody ended doing the same thing...hahaha
we did the "heart" frame and each one of us played around with "spiral" filigree to create our own one of a kind design.

Thank you to Emi and steve and for making learning metalsmithing possible for at a very affordable price of RM99
I enjoyed the class and techniques learned are as good additions to my jewelry making knowledge and basic tools required for metalsmithing  are simple enough for anyone to use.
Highly recommended!


the processes involved:
1.measure & cut
2. annealing then cool in water
3. straighten wire and shape frame
5.solder frame
6.pickling then into water
7.cut filigree
8.hammer frame,filigree and positioning
9.flux,solder,pickling again 
(toughest for everyone coz more to solder and this is where all of us sort of struggled to get it right...took me five errors to get everything right ...hehehe )
10.sanding 1 & 2
11.polish with polisher
12.wash with soap and water

my "LOVING HEART" project made today :)

After all that, we also learned how to do "balling"


  1. Wow, Mas. I like that! I wish i could attend. MAybe some day,huh.


  2. I wish I could have been there too!