Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi there everyone!,

Today i organised THE MAD CRAFTERS TEA PARTY and everyone had  great fun time crafting, chatting, EATING and more crafting! 
Its a casual gathering and everyone brought their creations and we shared tips and knowledge other than just about wire but also about how to start blogging, start a book, start a shop, design and concept and we even talk about pros and cons of having a company, income tax and more...and
I think i gained more today than what i gave out! :)
i want to say thank you to all who made the time to come to my humble home.

Moving on to the main agenda...
Its time for me to go on another break. 
I will be away from NOVEMBER 28TH to DECEMBER 15TH. 

This time i will be on what i call WORLIDAY because its a WORKING HOLIDAY for me. The family will be on holiday but its going to be a 50/50 thing for me for i need to complete orders that i said i am going to deliver right when i am back to KL. Of course i am not complaining for it will be at my favourite location....cameron highlands! What better place to craft and get inspiration if not sipping tea and having scones on the deck, overlooking BOH plantation :)

I am also excited to go on my first "expedition"  to conduct my IN2WIRE CRAFT workshop outside of Kuala Lumpur. It will be a two full day event and am so excited to meet crafters from Penang! 
Lets hope the feeling is mutual :)

till then....HAPPY CRAFTING!


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