Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My current project

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a new project that i have always wanted to do. This time it is my turn to accumulate more knowledge and who better to help me than EMI 

when i first started wire jewelry, i didnt know about artistic wire and  started with sterling silver wires. i find them too costly and a great turn off. Then i discovered Artistic Wire brand, it was love at first sight and almost all of my work i used Artistic Wire.

Emi asked me  why i dont work with precious metal and i just say, i am not ready yet besides, i was still having a BALL with my copper wires! there are still many things i can do with them and they are not expensive. I can experiment and will not have that "heavy" feeling if things dont turn out the way i planned. if its sterling silver, i will just see $$$ going down the drain and not a failed design. 

 Anyway to cut things short i have decided, why not just give it a try again and now with Emi's encouragementand what d'ya know...i quite enjoyed it! COZ i have emi to teach me and i love his design and work and very inspired by them. Not much of the precious metal go to waste coz i adopted one of his techniques and it helped that i know how to calculate to avoid severe wastage.

Thanks Emi!

So here, i am showcasing just some that i have done in sterling silver, 14k goldfilled and of course my most favourite element, copper :)

note: base frame 16g silver plated copper, sterling silver balls, sterling silver chain, silver plated Artistic Wire (for now coz i dont have any sterling silver wires)

note: base frame 18g brass, 14k goldfilled balls, 14k goldfilled chain, 14k goldfilled wires.


  1. Wah meriah nih..smp gold filled pun pakai..LOL..dah siap post la overall pictures!

  2. Memang meriah! You tau jer la... Kalau i dah suka satu satu technique tu... Itu jer nanti i buat! LoL

    You r right 14k half hard memang tak syiok buat... I injured myself while doing it. Have several cuts just bec the wire ends ter-kena libas sana sini masa weaving. But i kinda like the result... :)

    N definitely will post completed projects once ready... :)

    Thanks emi!