Sunday, November 7, 2010

My First again!

hi everyone,

as some of you know my habit of keeping track all of my "first" events, today is an exceptionally sweet first......sweet?! lets change that to  an AWESOME first!  :))

Today marks my first unofficial runway debut and i would like to express my most heartfelt gratitude to KAVITA RESORT WEAR for giving me that opportunity. 

Wished i have more words to say (there are stories! to share) but am too tired and still on a happy high so lets save that for another day :)

Here are some photos to share  and when  i received the official shots, will post and share more photos :)

and Lastly..... am still beating myself black and blue :(   for  being busy is not an excuse, so  please accept my apologies....for  forgetting to wish 1MALAYSIA,

1MALAYSIA.....HAPPY DEEPAVALI and may God bless us all :)


  1. Congratulations Kak Mas on your debut..

  2. I know I have commented on JL but just wanted to come here too and congratulate you. Seeing even more pictures here on your blog has really helped me understand the tremendous job you have done. I hope all the exposure results in lots and lots of sales.
    Fantastic work!
    Kristin :)

  3. thank you!

    i still havent posted all 34 pieces yet...but will try to get them all posted soon :)

  4. Bravo! It's such an amazing project. Am very proud of you for bringing handcrafted wirework jewelries to another level. Next one will be an international level, go! go! go!.