Friday, November 26, 2010

Romantic Garden Handcrafted Bracelet

i did this while flirting with some beads....
This technique is fairly common and honestly, it is really inspired by 
Mary Tucker's ( aka brassybead , theangstyartist  ) trinket pot lid!

i love the idea of the spirals and beads and to make the whole pot does take too long and i am pressed for time but really really want to play with that technique!

i have also seen similar technique at by wire artists like GAILAVIRA to name some and i am sure many many more out there. 

the design is not the same but overall look may be similar...then again the bracelet design i did here , applying the simple spiral technique but a little bit jazzed up :)

materials: amazonite stones AA, natural copper Artistic Wire


  1. kak Mas, I like this design!!!

    Can i bollow ur idea?

  2. jenny.....

    do get inspired by this design and have fun crafting it :)