Saturday, January 22, 2011



I have one incredible important announcement which i hope is not too late since its a last minute decision.
I have only done one bazaar so far and thought that was it. 
I was wrong.

I am going to be doing another bazaar tomorrow at KLPAC's once a year open day!
yup you read right.
I am surprised myself! :))
I am so excited that i think my fat cells are making their own little dance ;))

Its a once a year event and YOU should not miss it. 


 if you have no plans tomorrow and  feeling artsy....COME ON OVER and say hello to ME...MAS aka rimaumanja...EMI KAZ and the rest of us at the bazaar booth :)

i have prepared some bargain buys PLUS jewelry making tutorials, diy kit (limited) and more!

for more information please click HERE

Genre: Creative arts festival
Date & Time: 23 Jan @ 10am – 5pm
Venue: All around klpac (indoor & outdoor)
Ticket Price: Free admission

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