Saturday, February 19, 2011

Handmade Wire Jewelry Hoop Earrings : Fairy Wings, soft rose , sold

I am introducing these new hoop earrings that i made recently. 
I like hoop earrings but  unable to wear one because of the nature of my ears. Each person's ears wears earrings differently and we should know what looks gud and what doesnt. I cant wear the round hoop earrings. It will just add ROUNDNESS to my already very full "figured" round face! :)

These "hoop" earrings i called FAIRY WINGS because of the shape of the wings from enid blyton books that gave me the idea for these.
I haven't gotten around checking for these designs anywhere but i am sure there some already out there and this wud be my own simple version :)
For now i only made in two colors and am still experimenting with the idea.

materials: brass wire, oriental crystals

Price: RM25
inclusive of shipping and handling

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