Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking up the challenge

More than ten days ago, i was approached by an event company to organise a jewelry making workshop. As usual, i will give all the information required for a basic wire jewelry making workshop thru email and  follow up the  email with a phone call.
Initial reaction was (in my mind.....huh? how? crazy...) 
the budget given  was very small and the number of pax was very big! 
Its like trying to squeeze an elephant into a tiny car!

anyway, not one to think its the impossible, i made it into a possible mission. Of course some adjustment required and some give and take too from the organiser.
The duration for the event is 2 hours and it is too short time for a wire wrapping workshop for a number of 50 pax plus plus. So, i plan a different kind of workshop.

Each participant was given one jewelry making kit and to come up with a bracelet  from their own creative ideas. Many took up the challenge and there were some who were not too keen but end up staying and completed the project :))
I am happy to say, everything turned out ok and 
many left with smiles and their very own handmade gorgeous creations! 
well done to all participants.

 This was indeed a good experience and as i always say to myself,
never say never till you exhaust all possibilities :)

till then...


Event Location: Siemens
We wished that we could take pictures of each creation (because there were some incredible unusual pieces  made  by some of the male participants), but since not everyone came at the said time we just had to go with the flow :)

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