Friday, September 30, 2011

Handmade Wire Jewelry Bracelet: INGRID viking knit, The story

Ever since i learned and began my journey into the world of wire jewelry, 
one technique in particular amazes me. 
It is called, the VIKING KNIT technique.

Now, this technique has its own traditional method 
and it is something we can't just change.  We can change how 
we begin it but we cant change or skip the process 
if we want to have the desired end result of a viking knit chain.

In Malaysia, i can't find the proper tools required 
so i get a little bit creative. To do a viking knit chain, 
you will need two important tools. First is the mandrel and second 
is the drawplate. I found a loca shop that sells 
round shape wood stick and as for the drawplate, 
i shipped in from an overseas online website for USD15.

I am a practical and lazy crafter. 
If there is a shortcut and simpler way, i am all for it. 
So that is why this viking knit that i did is not 
exactly 100% the traditional method. 
It has been M-odified

I am planning a workshop for this soon and if you are interested,
 do drop an email to me at 
or PM me thru my facebook page.

the first picture is the finished knitted wire piece. 
The mandrel is already removed and left is a piece of 
hard worked knitted wire mesh. You can't bend it or move it. 
The initial finish is really hard. 

You can see in the picture below, the drawplate. 
This is where the magic begins. You see all the holes? 
from the biggest diameter to the smallest? 
well, to get the end result, you have to pull the hard 
knitted mesh through each one of the holes beginning 
from the largest to the smallest. 
You need not go through all the holes though, 
just the desired ones but it has to be in order from big to small. 
You will know once you give it a try. 

After going thru the holes on the drawplate, the once hardened knitted wire mesh has become more and more flexible. You can see in the picture, the piece has also lengthened a bit.

You can see here the knitted mesh has elongated and squished together to form something chain-like.

The bracelet still in bare copper finish.

I added a charm to give it a unique feature.

NOW...i am not done yet.
 The reason i did this in bare copper is because i wanted to do oxidization. 
The picture below is the bracelet after i dipped in LOS solution. 
It turned black!
The reason i do this is so that i can show a more detailed look to all the weaving and knitting. After dipping into the LOS solution, 
i pat it dry and then gently polish the piece with fine steel wool, 
a bit of brasso for shine and i am done!

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