Thursday, October 6, 2011

Handmade Wire Jewelry Bracelet: ATHENA , the bead caps story

I am in the mids of making a new tutorial for a new upcoming workshop planned for november. It is about viking knit technique and initially a design that has similarity to a bead cap featured on the magazine step by step wire 2007.
I wouldn't want to do something un-ethical and asked permission by the original artist. 
Sadly i wasn't granted the permission and therefore i have to throw that out of the window.
No worries because I am not for one to think twice about matters like these. I always believe when one door closes another door opens....and it did! 
I stayed up late that night and figured not only one bead cap design but two!
It felt even better when you are teaching something you think  yourself than someone else's.
 I have always felt that way but i know there are some crafters who really want me to help them with the original designer's design. I am sorry folks, I can't.

Remember the ROMANTIC GARDEN PENDANT design?
that is the first bead cap design. I have seen many of you adopting the design into various other ways to showcase it and it looks fabulous. 
So let me share with you another way to adopt the technique.

The second bead cap design is similar but instead of weaving with the tiny beads, i did it without.

so crafters....when you put your thinking cap on....
you will never know what can happen. 
I not only get one but two new ideas for a bead cap!

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