Monday, December 19, 2011

workshop, bazaar, fashion show and THE LITTLE HONEYSUCKLE TREE

Hi there everyone!

Last weekeend, had an event at the NATIONAL TEXTILE MUSEUM organised by Art Craft Guild Malaysia. Met many of the members and made new frens too!

The bunch of us that i can remember helping out at the event was Norlie of sekocinorlie , Mis Fid of misfydkrafts, Mikko of craftzmaniac,  Zam of miezam, Ellie of cp-stylingstudio. , anny christopher and rica sagesse

Came early to attend a furoshiki workshop by mis fid and made new frens with "N"

Learned how to to make bags and wrap bottles and tissue boxes using square fabrics. It was really COOOL!

Later we set up bazaar. Notice my little Honeysuckle tree? :) 

and later towards the evening its the fashion show!

Towards the end of the event inspired by my honeysuckle tree where i hung all my WITH LOVE bookmarks,  my heart just opened to give them away because its after all made WITH LOVE and since i have no idea how a giveaway works i asked mikko if she can help me out and organised WHIMSICALNQUIRKY's first give away and she suddenly had lots of ideas (of course la...mikko kan idea :) 

THANK YOU darling mikko, God bless you.

Therefore for more information please go to craftzmaniac facebook page HERE

till then,

may everyone have great final days for 2011!



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