Wednesday, April 25, 2012

i-BIZ CIPTA, i cipta u cipta


It was nerve wrecking! was beating myself about it and the two fellas in my head arguing arguing...

angel M: you can do it! your fren said, JUST DO IT! so why want to back out?!

devil M: you know you will fumble. you know your brain capacity is not that great. you know you will look stupid rigggghht?

angel M: dont listen to all those negativity. JUST DO IT! you know you can do it, you know it will help not just you but other crafters as well, you know you are doing something good here and dont just benefit you but others as well. so JUST DO IT!

......and I DID :)

my work studio that i prepared for workshops conducted at my home

the person responsible to make me look from POT to SYT...LOL
make-up by TAUFEEQ ADAM (click on name to see his portfolio)

My gratitude for this profesional host.  she is so helpful and encourage me on when i fumbled.

"pelakon tambahan" , steve wong of  :)

THE DIRECTOR, his assistant, host and me...

the rest of the crew of Red Cursor Production.

This is the recording for a tv programme for RTM, i-BIZ CIPTA.
Its a women magazine tv programme showcasing creative works by women all over malaysia. 
I am honoured that they asked me to do one episode and i hope it will help to encourage more women like me who chose or have no choice but to be a full time home maker to start a small business from home.
Working from home can help you balance your time between your family and your work commitments. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other. 
Of course not every job is possible to work from home but that is when you have to ask yourself, what is right for you. 
What is right for me is to start a small online business combining my love for craft and my love to teach. 
It has to have flexible working hours and able to work around where i can be with my kids always.

so what is right for you?




  1. kak mas, i am so proud of you.. yeayyyyy!!!

    1. terima kasih ! kita berjuang bersama untuk industri kraf :)

  2. Mas bila will be on air? Kak mun melaka

    1. Kak mun! :)

      i pun tak sure bila but will announce once i know airing date. They have to complete recording 13 episode before sending it for approval to RTM. Tentatively i was told it will be shown before hari raya.