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GEORGETOWN FESTIVAL: Armenian Street Project HMM

HI everyone!,

Its been awhile since I wrote anything. As the whole world knows...(hahahaha just saying coz its published in blogs and FB and no big secret la ) recently I did a bazaar in PENANG during the Georgetown Festival 
under the ARMENIAN STREET PROJECT'S Handmade Market. 

It was an AWESOME AWESOME experience! 
loved every busy minute. 
I have never seen a crowd as such and i have to give all TEN THUMBS up to all visitors, local and foreigners for visting my booth and learned more about wire jewelry.
Organisers was very helpful and i am thankful that everyone was just so nice :)

The most unforgettable memory would definitely be about the MAN WITH THE OWL.
You see, other than wire jewelry i brought along with me my OWL BABIES. 
There were 17 of them that i managed to sew a day just before the bazaar.
I didnt know, they were going to be a BIG hit and celebrities!

PEOPLE were snapping pictures, zooming on them, pick them up, cooing to the babies...the babies absolutely love the attention ....hahaha

So as the story begins, a woman by the name of Gwen picked up one owl and said....i want this...and as she was looking for change, she realised she forgotten to bring her money! So she asked me to reserve the owl for her and said she will be back. So i said ok and wrote her name on a sticker and paste it on the owl's back ,
Later after few more babies were sold, along came a man just staring and looking at the owls. After observing them, touching and picking up a few and putting them back...he asked me, "What is this for?"
so i said, "oh they can be paper weights, or decoration or as Pets and you dont have to feed or clean em up!"
the man smiled obviously liking the suggestions i made or thinks i am just quack...hahaha
he saw the one that says GWEN-RESERVE.

he said, "I WANT THAT ONE!"
i said,"kenoooot. that one reserve oredi. she will be coming back later"
he said, "i pay you DOUBLE!"
i said, " kenooot. i give my word to Gwen that i will keep the owl for her"
then he said, "aiya...i know Gwen la....tak pa..nanti i cakap to her"
i sigh and said, "kenot la its reserve for Gwen. You pick other owl la ada banyak lagi ni"
he admit defeat and said, "TAK MAU i suka itu jugak....this is business mah...i pay you extra. tapi ok lor...tak pa la"
and he walked away...sad but understood.
that was around 5pm.

Later at 6pm, he came back.
"hah! itu owl ada lagi! you kasi jual sama i la!"

"kenot la, i sudah janji sama Gwen. You datang later la bila bazaar nak tutup. Kalau Gwen tak ambik i jual to you"

then he left...smiling like keeping a secret.

About 7pm, he appeared again. Pointing at the owl, pointing at his watch and smiling again. I smiled back.
Around 8pm, he appeared again! i mean this man is really serious about the owl!
so i said to him,
"ok la like this, if by 9PM sebab  bazaar tutup 9.30pm, Gwen tak appear, you beli la this owl."
he smiled and agreed. Just about two minutes before 9pm, he appeared standing nearby a window, smiling and pointing at the owl.
I really cant believe it. 
This man really wants the owl and since Gwen never appeared till 9pm, I SOLD the owl to him sharp 9pm and made a fren. His name is MIKE and mike has over 1000 owl stuff that he been collecting! hahahaha....that explains the persistent-ness!

Below is a picture of MIKE his kids and me 

As the story goes, Gwen did appear only around 9.45pm and apparently she is one of the vendors there too but on the 1st floor. Gwen looked disappointed that she didnt get the owl and i felt bad but since i waited till bazaar close, that is when i have to put my foot down and think about the term, "this is business maaah" as said by mike.
So Gwen, i am really really sorry but i did hold on to the owl as long as i could. And if only you knew how i defended the birdie for you, i hope you can understand my predicament :)
If you happened to read this, do contact me for i still have the same fabric as the one you asked me to reserve for you and i can make another one for you :)

OK, that is all the story i can share with you today and here are some pics taken during the bazaar :)