Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Recently i particpated in an event organised by Hospital Ampang to collect funds for poor patients who need funds that will able them to seek treatment at the hospital. As it is the fee to seek treatment is already very minimal with registration cost costing less than RM5 but in able to seek treatment there, these patients still need funds to travel to and from their homes, for food and other misc matters.

At first i agreed to contribute things around the home to donate but end up volunteering to pick up and send some items donated by other generous people (only Allah swt can repay your kindness).
I also started a new hobby, ROCK PAINTING! and as you know as i paint and paint to practice, am landed with all these painted rocks with no home. So i sold all these rocks at the hospital and all proceeds goes to the hospital. THANK YOU very much to those who bought my painted rocks in aid of this fund. Only Allah swt can repay for your kindness.

I also want to say special thank you to my friend kak Madinah Torrence for being there to accompany me. I really enjoyed your company and wish there were more rocks to paint together :)

Thank you to Dr.Lynn Azura for inviting me to particpate and gave me one booth. 
It was fun and the good doc manage to paint two rocks in between her "busy-ness" making sure everything goes well during the jumble sale.

If you are interested in my painted rocks to give as gifts or souvenirs, do contact me at 016-2089430.
Each rock goes for RM10 each (not including shipping) and negotiable for larger quantities. 


kak madinah's painted rock

Doc Lynn's painted rocks

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