Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My newfound hobby

Salam and Good morning everyone!

Today I want to share with you what i have been up to for the past weeks that made me neglected to post on my blog. You see, when we spend so much time on the laptop blogging and surfing and social networking, we always here the  saying "GET A LIFE!"  
What i enjoy most is working on my craft and blogging. That is my way of "GET A LIFE!".  There is nothing wrong with spending so much time on the net especially if you are doing an online business but i decided to take on the advice and just do that "GET A LIFE!"  and spend more time outside the borderless world and see what other things that can help entertain my already "blissful" life :)

i discovered ROCK PAINTING.
How do you begin to start this hobby? let me share with you what i learned from my friends who  teaches this at their craft learning centre.

#1 of course you will need rocks :)
you can collect them from your garden, or like me i purchased them from HOUZ DEPOT . One bag of these garden rocks cost me RM15. You can get them from other garden centres as what i did earlier but  it costs double. Yup about RM30. 
I will not recommend you use pebbles collected from rivers and such for you may bring back "spirits" attached to the ya...better not.

#2 you will need a pencil or water erasable pen.

#3 you will need MOD PODGE to seal your work and give it that glossy supershine look. i know MOD PODGE is expensive but its worth it! I bought mine for about RM53/bottle

#4 you will need nylon paintbrushes and acrylic paint and you are good to go!

#1 with pencil draw a simple motif you want to paint
#2 use acrylic paint
#3 leave to dry and when dried, you can use permanent marker to outline your pic. I suggest faber castell permanent ink.
#4 seal your masterpiece with MOD PODGE for glossy shine and you are done!


i discovered DECO-CLAY.

How do you begin to start this hobby? let me share with you what i learned from YENJI

I have always wanted to learn clay art and this i decided to enrol myself at YENJI. There are so many types of classes you can do here and i started with BASIC CREATIVE DECO.

#1 you will need toy clay, glue and hand lotion.

#2 creativity!

my craft partner in crime, MEL! she did the ADVANCE FLOWER DECO.


It took me TWO DAYS to do this! 
Now i have signed up for the BASIC FLOWER MAKING class and will post more finished pieces in the future.

These are just two  out of the many things i discovered in my effort to follow the phrase
 "GET A LIFE!"  on top of that i  am more involve with ART CRAFT GUILD MALAYSIA and i have a BIG announcement coming soon. 

now go out and "GET A LIFE!"


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