Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Salam and Good Morning everyone!

SEE! this is what happens when you go out and "GET A LIFE!", your work just piles up! hahahaha...not just housework but "real" work like my online blogging and marketing of my WIRE JEWELRY pieces and Ebooks gets neglected!

Anyway, i just rembered that there is one more thing that i wanted to share. ACG Malaysia has another BIG event coming soon and i took on the task to make a dummy out of re-cycle materials.
Felicia Loh from THE ART MIND sent me a link on how to make a dummy and this is the result.

first i wrapped my daughter with paper tape all around.

when its dried, i cut it away from her

then we glue loo roll all over the paper dummy

and TA-DA!
this is the finished piece :)

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